*Check your email accounts for an email from Vanguard Fitness. We have just entered the final stages of setting up Wodfiy. This software has the ability to track your Metcons, Lifts, Maxes, Attendance, Check into a class, Calendar, Post the days WOD, Sell Products (shirts for summer!)   and much more. Once we all have a handle of this process the workouts will only be available through Wodify.


2 Rounds, not for time.

10 Pass Throughs

:30sec Stick Thoracic Stretch 

1:00 Frog

10 Stick Snatch Drop


EMOM 10min

1 Squat Snatch, building each set.



For Time:

1km Run *2nd power pole after electronic sign

15 Handstand Push Ups

15 Pull Ups

880m Run *start of Eddy st

12 Handstand Push Ups

12 Pull Ups

740m Run * start of Knight st

9 Handstand Push Ups

9 Pull Ups

*25min cap