Core, 3 Rounds, not for time.

:30sec Ring Plank

3 Plank Walk in/outs

10 V-snap


2 Squat Snatch, every 90 seconds for 8 rounds, building as you go.



10 Rounds

5 Power Snatch 50/35

5 Squat Cleans 50/35

5 Toes to Bar


The Gym will be closed this Friday 26th of May and Saturday 27th of May.

Both Coach's Skin & Phil will be at the Crossfit Games Pacific Regionals held in Wollongong, getting pumped on what makes them tick, CROSSFIT!

Coach Skin will be volunteering his time as a judge Friday, Saturday & Sundays. 

The live stream is at games.crossfit.com or the CrossFit YouTube channel.