Bush Walk 271216


Bush walking is a great way to see our local surroundings. Tuesday 27th December we will meet at Vanguard at 9:00am. We will walk/run towards the town houses and up the trail leading to the top of the mountain. Once at the top of the mountain we will check out the view from 'top rock' (1.4km) then continue to Braceys lookout for some more sight seeing (3.3km) and walk down the tail that comes out at the top of Bridge street (hospital hill). From here its a short down hill walk back to the box (4.4km). We will have either me or Phil at the front leading the way and the other bring up the tail.

Definitely a challenge but that's what we are aiming to achieve. We grow more from challenges and install self belief that will carry us through any situation. You'll find during a normal active day out and about, that you actually do more kilometors then this entire bush walk. Check your Health app on your iPhone, it estimates your distance walked in a day while you have your phone in your pocket.

After our bush walk we will then head to Queen Elizabeth Park for a picnic. I will have the Slack-line setup and Ill bring juggling balls, soccer ball & frisbee to play around with. BYO food and drinks squad. This is optional but if you have the time to chill, this be will a crazy session.

Non members are FREE.